My Screenplays 

Screenwriting is one of my first loves, and has always been my writing medium of choice. So far, these are all searching for some love. Looking for more information, please feel free to reach out!

Drowning in the East River (Feature)


The screenplay version of my novel, the script has been working its way around the featival circuit for the last year.

  • WilliFest semi-finalist 2016.
  • British Independent Film Festival- Best Unproduced Screenplay Special Commendation.
  • Stockholm Independent Film Festival- Selection.
  • Auckland International Film Festival- Selection.
  • London Independent Film Awards- Selection.

Deadly Combination (Feature):

Watch It, I’m a God! (Feature):

Just Another Christmas Dream (Feature):

Chameleon (Short Film/Spec Pilot):

A political thriller set in a not-so-dystopian future, the story follows the growing resistance movement as a young woman trained as a shape-shifting, government agent realizes there’s more to life than she’s been accustomed.

Untitled Political Thriller (Spec Pilot):

A Washington DC emergency room nurse finds herself pulled into complicated political intrigue when she takes care of the son of a former US President after he’s involved in a fatal one car accident.

Occupied (Short Film):

A British resistance fighter stationed in France during the tail end of World War II is trapped in a safe house when one of her fellow fighters drops off a severely wounded Nazi soldier with the sole directions of keeping him alive. With the battle growing ever closer, will she be able to do that?

Something From Nothing (Short Film):

The members of a disbanded, early 1990s boy band reunite at a rural wilderness resort after the suicide of one of the members. While they’re grown men on the surface with twenty years of life behind them, will they be able to survive the trauma of their past?