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UPDATE: Drowning in the East River  (the screenplay version!) was announced as a finalist at the Williamsburg International Film Festival.

Currently, I’m in the processing of completing and polishing my first novel, Drowning in the East River, in hopes of moving it towards publication.

A historical epic told on an intimate scale, Drowning in the East River tells the story of David Freeman. A battle scared World War I veteran, he’s blindsided by the sudden and unexpected death of his beloved wife. Finding himself alone with a two-year-old son he has no idea how to raise, David embarks a journey of growth and internal repentance, which takes him through Havana and finally to a tumultuous and battle weary Dublin in the 1920s. 

Read Chapter 1 of Drowning in the East River, here.

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Drowning in the East River is now live on Smashwords.


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