Fun Stuff (Links, Fangirl Stuff… Take a Look)

This is just a collection of things I think are awesome… Obviously all content is owned by owners. This is my way of throwing out some credit.

Fan Video of the Week: I’d like to draw attention to some of the great work being done by video creators on YouTube. All fandoms are represented, and the creativity is amazing. As always. Content included within isn’t mine.


Fangirl Therapy: I stumbled onto this website on Twitter. Ran by an unapologetic fangirl (and therapist), the site has some of the best content, which I would have been so excited to see as a highschool girl seeking direction. She’s doing some stellar work, check it out. (And is a huge Miss Fisher fan, so is truly awesome in my book).

Trashwire: Another awesome website by an unapologetic fangirl, of all things popular culture. A more media geared spin, check out their always awesome reviews.

Standard Issue Magazine: I’ve just discovered this feminist geared, all-purpose magazine website, and am loving it. Check it out.

CinemaSins: One of my favorite YouTube accounts.  There video series “Everything Wrong With…” not only provides this writer constant entertainment, but has proven suprising effective for the writer in me.

Screen Junkies: Another comedy YouTube channel. The Honest Trailer Series is a favorite of mine.