About Me…

My earliest memories revolve around cinema. One of my favorite films during formative years was Hatari, the 1962 John Wayne action film about a group of hunters and trackers catching animals for zoo’s in Africa.

Even in middle school, when I spent my off-school hours trying to direct and choreograph an amateur (read: backyard) version of Singing in the Rain, I was a film student in training. I’ve spent years watching everything I can, eventually translating my passion into a film history master’s degree.

Essentially, I’ve spent more years then I care to admit, translating my fangirlish tendencies into a writing career, ranging from the blog enteries about my ever changing and evolving passions, to the novels and screenplays I keep developing and marketing.

I’m based out of Denver, where I live with my family and three four-legged children.

Please enjoy!