Happy Birthday: Ken Kercheval Turns 83 Today!

There’s one television show which holds tremendous nostalgic value for me… Dallas. The immensely popular prime-time soap opera ran for an immensely respectable fourteen seasons, lasting between 1978 and 1991 on CBS. While everyone talked about JR and Bobby Ewing, my middle years found me focusing on a different part of the show… Cliff Barnes. Yeah… I know.

Actor Ken Kercheval is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Cliff Barnes, Pamela Barnes’ long suffering brother and JR Ewing’s mortal enemy.

However, Kercheval actually took on a number of roles which didn’t involve dusting off the old cowboy hat. The actor’s first roles come in the early 1960s as he honed his craft in the solid early years of television. He worked steadily throughout the following years, seemingly finding his best footing on the small screen.

Viewers of the 2012 reboot of Dallas will recognise Kercheval. The actor stepped in to once again take the role of Cliff Barnes. His most recent credits come in 2018.

Kercheval turns 83 years old today.

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