Happy Birthday: Vincent Edwards (1928-1996)

Sticking with our television run which started with our Craig Steven’s birthday celebration yesterday. Actor Vince Edwards is best known for his run as Ben Casey on television in the 1960s. The medical procedural about a rugged young doctor (who totally wasn’t Doctor Kildare), ran for five years on ABC beginning in 1961.

Edwards worked extensively in the 1950s and 1960s, specializing in thrillers, film noir and westerns before landing the biggest role of his career.

During the peak of his popularity, Edwards also made a run at a music career. Ultimately, Edwards’ style would have seen probably seen him achieve some stardom had he been a few years older. His style is reminiscent of the crooners of the 1940s. However, the time these albums were released, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were on the way up, making crooners and lounge singers a bit passe.

Casey continued working right up until his death in 1996; however, he never quite equaled his success in Ben Casey.


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