Carry on My Wayward Son: Supernatural S1 E1 Rewatch

SPOILER ALERT: However, if you’re this behind on a 12 season old show. It’s your own fault.

It seems Supernatural is the television show that won’t die. The CW series follows brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as they hunt anything and everything from demons to vampires. It came as no surprise when the network announced that the show had been renewed for its twelfth season, and the veteran hour long drama shows no sign of slowing down.

I will admit to being a bad fangirl. I fell off the Supernatural wagon somewhere in the middle of season 10, and have had a heeeeecccck of a time jumping back on. As such, with assurances from other members of the fandom, that things are improving… I’m going to catch up, and rejoin the bandwagon. And I’m starting with the pilot.

It’s amazing to see how fleshed out Supernatural proved to be right from the beginning. In the pilot viewers are introduced not only to the gorgeous, demon hunting Winchester brothers, but to “Baby”, as well as the narrative’s entry point (Mary Winchester’s death at the hands of a demon). This event serves as a catalyst for John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean “Negan” Morgan) to drag a very young Sam and Dean along on a new life of demon hunting in hopes of avenging the death of their mother.

Entering into the main action roughly 20 years after the introductory back story, Sam and Dean are grown men, and polar opposites. Sam has left the “family business”, and is living a happy and productive life with his girlfriend as a prospective law student at Stanford University. Dean, ever the faithful older brother, has remained with their father. The brothers are forced to reunite when their father disappears while on a demon hunt.

The Winchester Brothers quickly find themselves on the trail of a “Woman in White”, which appears to be responsible for a string of disappearances along a mysterious stretch of road in Kansas. Working together, Sam and Dean show that demon hunting is just like riding a bike, feeling each other out with relative ease as they bring the case (which has been baffling local authorities) to a close.

The action of the pilot propels the rest of the series. Upon his return to Stanford, Sam discovers his girlfriend dead, in the exact same manner his mother was killed. The boys are once again a team, and the early mythology for the series has been established. Spoilers, I know… however, if you’re that behind on a 12 season old show, as I said earlier, it’s your own fault.

The action sequences (most notably the final act) are simply constructed, especially considering where the series would go. However, watching the epsiode through once again, the camera tricks prove surprisingly scary, and not as laughable as one would expect. A chunk of the credit must go to Padalecki and Ackles, who’s performances effectively convey the fear and weight of the moment.

Rewatching the Supernatural pilot after being a fan of the series, the strength of the pilot becomes immediately apparent. The characters we’ve come to love as well as the environment of the show are largely developed right off. Both Ackles and Padalecki provide not only the pouty good-looks necessary for success on the WB/CW, but also skillful at delivering the tongue-in-cheek tone which prevails throughout the series. The pilot for Supernatural is absolutely stellar. The show hits the ground running, demonstrating the power of the long-running series it would grow to become.

Trivia: Take a look for a very young Adrianne Palicki as Jessica (Sam’s girlfriend). The actress can most recently be seen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Bobbi Morse.


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