Musicians You Might Not Be Listening to, But Should Be: David Campbell

I’ve mentioned before that I was quite the musical fangirl during my formative years. If it had Andrew Lloyd Webber or Cameron Mackintosh‘s name on it, I was oh-so-there.

I first stumbled on David Campbell’s work during this musical heavy period. One day, I tuned into Hey Mr. Producer: The World of Cameron Mackintosh (the Cameron Mackintosh special) to see Michael Ball, and Campbell rocked my little middle school world with his portrayal of Chris from Miss. Saigon and the title character from Martin Guerre. See the below clip from Miss. Saigon thanks to the account of Raymundo Montoya.

I must admit to being a bad fangirl. Before a bout of nostalgia fueled YouTubing a few nights ago, I had largely lost track of Campbell’s career. He has been working steadily in his home country of Australia, where he is not only still acting and releasing albums, but is also the host of morning show Today Extra. See the delightful below clip of Campbell singing ‘A Whole New World’ with original Princess Jasmine (and Miss. Saigon), the incomparable Lea Solanga. (Thanks to m4giceyetr1x for the clip).

I recently discovered that Campbell is also starring in Dream Lover, which is a musical about (and using the music of) the multi-talented Bobby Darin. The musical, which is playing only in Sydney, opens in September 2016.

I may or may not have openly squee’d when I read about the upcoming musical. (I’m also a massive Bobby Darin fan). Campbell released two albums of vocal/easy listening standards a number of years ago (2006/2007). He demonstrated that he had a tremendous flair for the music, and in the clips from the musical, Campbell shows that he has no problem slipping into Darin’s dynamic performing style. See the below clip from Daily Review AU.

Thanks to NRRArchives for the Bobby Darin clip.

In 2015, Campbell released his 10th studio album. For readers in the United States, a handful of his albums are available on iTunes (most notably his swing work). However, a more comprehensive collection can be found on Amazon.

I know there’s plenty of readers out there like yours truly, who are musical fan girls. If you aren’t familiar with David Campbell’s work, check it out. (His ‘Last Night of the World’ is a-maze-ing). He’s an incredibly talented and versatile performer.

Readers in and around Australia, if you are interested (and missed) info on Dream Lover, it’s playing at the Sydney Lyric Theater (starting 22nd of September). Check out the shows website for more information.

And to the producers of “Dream Lover” (waves hand- Jedi mind trick style)… You want to release a sound track or DVD so those of us not in Australia can enjoy the awesomeness.

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