In Case You Haven’t Seen It: Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Teaser

Well Netflix, proved to be quite the tease on Comic Con Thursday. They dropped not only the teaser for the über anticipated ‘The Defenders’ (my verdict: meh. No new footage), but also a teaser for the series which I believe is next up in their queue of street-level, Marvel superhero series, ‘Luke Cage’.

See the trailer below, courtesy of Netflix.

At the moment, the Marvel crew can do no wrong at Netflix. ‘Daredevil’ has delivered two solid seasons. ‘Jessica Jones’ gave this writer conflicted feelings (David Tennant as a bad guy?? What??). And while I know nothing about ‘Iron Fist,’ I like what I’m hearing.

While not a lot can be gleaned from the 1:28 trailer, ‘Luke Cage’ seems to continue on the trail already blazed by its’ predecessors. We see a tough, gritty series, not afraid to show a more rough and tumble, flawed group of characters than the much glitzier Marvel film crew.

This writer is excited to see more.

Check out ‘The Defenders’ trailer here.


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