A Comedian to Watch: Jon Richardson

My latest Amazon UK splurge came in the mail last week, and it was Jon Richarson’s second stand-up special Nidiot. I stumbled onto Richardson’s work when I was watching old YouTube episodes of the UK television series, 8 out of 10 Cats. (May or may not have been during my Jimmy Carr phase).

Richardson is still a relative newcomer in the UK comedy scene (all things considered). Nidiot is his second comedy special, following up Funny Magnet in 2012. There are internet videos during his rise, which date back to roughly 2009.

His comedy is rooted in his OCD, and the effects this has on his life and relationships. (See the YouTube Video below).

Watching Richardson’s stand-up comedy, he stands as one of the most interesting and unique comedians working right now. His comedy is heavily rooted in misery and self-deprecation, a very different subject matter than traditionally seen in stand-up. 

I said, “Do You Want to Come Back to My House?” and she said “Yeah” so we went back to my house and I did my best. It’s the fairest thing to say, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I tried my hardest. I did all my move. Which is to say, I touched everything for an even number of times, on each side.

Much of his comedy revolves around situations like the one described above, with Richardson discussing his point of view of the world, and how he usually differs from the “Leavers” around him. And for those of you like this writer, parts of it may potentially strike a chord.

Richardson is a comedian who has been working his way through the comedy circuits in the United Kingdom, but unfortunately his stand-up has yet to come across “The Pond.” What did this writer do? Region-Free DVD player, kids. Best investment ever. However, prior to that, it was a lot of YouTube. I can’t remember what I did as a fangirl before YouTube. Jon Richardson’s comedy is incredibly different to what I’ve seen before, so it’s difficult to say if you like (insert name here) then you’ll like Richardson. Take the plunge, and let me know what you think.

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